So Seed the Grass                 unframed etchings     6 x 8”   £68                 What the Photograph Said


Florigraphy or the Language of Flowers is an art as ancient as the Egyptians.  Through the ages it has been a form of communication using the symbolism and emblems of flowers, plants and trees to exchange a variety of feelings and thoughts to another in a bouquet.  Heraldry is a pictorial style of writing and in the 18th Century this art bloomed like never before in the form of dictionaries and illustrations. Flowers and plants, given meanings, such as ‘violet’, to convey modesty or ‘gooseberry’ for anticipation.

My workshop is designed to allow anyone the pleasure to look at and think about chosen flora and to create their own meaningful bouquet .

Marian Jervis    Gleanings

A charming book of poems, published in 1840, is a collection of verses, that are full of references to florigraphy.  This coded language often enabled writers, particularly ladies, to express what they could not say directly in words, using an art that can still communicate a sentiment, amuse and entertain.